Feasting with friends


I am so thankful for the time I had over the last week in La Acequia Honduras. In telling the story of our time there the words “Friends at the Table” resound in my heart. We were able to be a part of many things happening throughout the week and accomplished work their but primarily we were going to listen.

We were going to listen to God and listen to our friends. God is already at work in Honduras, just as he is already at work all over the world. God doesn’t need us to accomplish his plans he wants to use us as part of his plan, both to minister to others and to do a work in us.

This last week God brought me to a feeling of safety in a place at times is very unsafe. He revealed himself to me through people with warm hearts and open homes. In our short stay we were invited into nine homes for meals, coffee, laughter, and deep conversation. Some people with very little realized that God had blessed them to be a blessing, and they shared what they had with strangers. They not only opened their homes but their hearts. They shared their struggles, dreams, and fears with us, and how they trusted in God for everything.

During the days we were able to experience their world first hand, hearing stories about crime and violence and one day experiencing it first hand. We felt the uncertainty of not knowing if our friends were safe while gun shots rang out near by. At night at the table we heard the concerns of mothers for their children, and the uncertainty of fathers for the future.

We also were able to offer different points of view to challenges they revealed. The water is better than it was, but their is uncertainty about the sustainability of the current source. New pipe is needed but with the cost for that and the distance from the source perhaps a better solution is a well there in the town. It was great to sit and listen and brainstorm. Because the main project was relationship building we had time to go deep and to bond with one another.

Through relationships our leader Johnny had already formed we were able to acquire two boxes of medicine for the clinic that had none, and thankfully now every two weeks the Pastor, Alex will be able to check in for more. We also had the opportunity to witness a young man named Victor come to Christ at the weekly men’s gathering on the soccer field. A main priority was established to drill a well their because “Agua es Vida” and more than any other project in the town clean water is necessary for the lives of the people there and having a sustainable source for the future is vitally important.

In the midst of everything we had such joy. The three of us that went have very different personalities and varying abilities to communicate in Spanish. However we are all wired for relating to others, and engaging in relationships. There was not a meal or conversation that we were in that did not contain deep heart warming laughter.

In one week I grew to a depth of relationship with the people there that surprised me. Coming back felt like leaving family. Their world view changed me, how I look at community, ministry, my own struggles, and my life. I’m grateful for the opportunity to get to know brothers and sisters in Christ on another part of the planet and for the impact they had on me. I’m also hopeful and inspired to continue working with the people there in Honduras as well as Spanish speakers here in State College.

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