Meek is not Weak

This week in church my Pastor continued his series on the beatitudes with Blessed are the Meek.  As he discussed most people think of meek as weak.  The Greek word used for meek here was Praus: mild, tender, gentle.  It was often used to describe a wild animal that had been broken/tamed, so you could think of meek as power under control.  That paints a very different picture however an even better description would be “Our strength surrendered, and his power received.”

When Pastor Nold made that statement it resounded deeply for me.  The men in my life group and I have discussed many times what it looks like to be a Godly man.  Is it a warrior like David, or Sampson, or a wise man like Solomon, or bold man like Paul?  What does a godly modern day man look like?  Modern day TV paints the Christian men like Flanders from the Simpsons, weak out of touch, kind of a weirdo.  When thinking about meek in this way though it cast things in a different light.  When was Sampson the strongest?  Would you even dare to ever think as Sampson as meek?  In the end of his life he was weak, eyes put out, had strayed far from God, and was being treated as a fool to laugh at, a mere trophy for the Philistines.  Then he became meek, he surrendered to God, he asked for his strength back, strength he realized God had given him in the first place, so that he could surrender his life to give God the glory over the philistines.  A similar prayer we could pray would be God fill me with your strength, because true strength only comes from you, and take my life, all that I have and use it to bring your glory not mine, because I live to glorify you.  The created exist for this purpose.

David a man after Gods own heart, did many things that don’t align with that statement.  The thing that made that true was his meekness.  When he was in the thick of battle he didn’t depend on his own strength he cried out to God to spare him from his enemies, when he took on Goliath he wasn’t brave or naive, he declared that God would give him victory, he knew his strength wouldn’t get him anywhere in combat against this monster, but his God was big.  When he slept with another mans wife, then murdered the man to cover it up, meekness  brought him to repentance.  Only a person who realizes they are broken can repent.

Paul came to God after being struck down, blind, helpless, then was brought to the enemy, the very people he was hunting and murdering and had to rely on them.  Then when God built him up and sent him to do his work,  his new strength he realized wasn’t his at all,but God working through him.

Doesn’t it makes sense then that the bible is full of “heroes”  that are often failures.  Because in their meekness they realize God is their source of strength.  Meek isn’t weak after all, meekness leads to the ultimate strength.

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