A Mothers Heart


  This week I’ve been reflecting on motherhood, my mother the mother of my children, and mothers in general.  This reflection has brought such great feelings of joy and thanksgiving. I am so thankful for the wonderful woman God blessed me with as my Mother.  She cared for me, loved me, nursed my many inflictions both physically and emotionally, and guided me through life living as an example of an unselfish parent that served her family to her utmost.  Not only has she loved me well but she loves her grandchildren so well.  She traverses great distances biweekly to take them home with her and love on them while I have to work, not only without complaint but with the greatest joy to have the opportunity to help me and spend time with them.  This woman is such a gift and blessing and I am so grateful my children have the opportunity to experience her presence so often.

I’m also grateful to the woman who bore these children and for the six and a half years I was blessed to raise them along side with her.  She tediously planned each holiday to be intentionally celebrated and special, packed with memories that touched each sense, aromatic, palatable, and full of spiritual instruction.  Though the family looks different now it is so important not to forget the great gifts and joy that were given, especially in the form of four wonderful children who wouldn’t be who they are without the mother they have.

The unexpected blessing I have found over the last year has been the women; some actual mothers, others women with a mothers heart, that have loved on my children and ministered to them in ways they may not realize.  They’ve filled a void of presence by simply being present.  They are teachers, Sunday school teachers, mothers of my children’s classmates, friends of mine, and babysitters.  They have instructed, lovingly corrected, played, cuddled, listened, and most importantly loved in a way the kids needed from someone other than me.  For these women I can only offer my deepest gratitude, you probably do not even realize the blessing you are or the ministry you are carrying out daily in the lives of the children you come in contact with.  Though many of you do not have children of your own you are mothering and are irreplaceable.  Thank you!

Being a mom is not just about birthing, it’s about loving.  Not keeping the perfect house, or preparing pinable meals and moments, but being present and aware.  Mothers day is a great time to celebrate moms, but also women with mothers hearts.  For both we are grateful and blessed by.  Please take a moment this Mothers Day to thank the moms in your life as well as those with the heart of one.

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