Five principles to help believers minister more effectively

  This summer while studying through the prophets and gospels I found the following five principles helpful for believers in ministry.
Character is important to God in his people and especially in the teachers of his word.  Malachi 2:5
  God had blessed them with life and peace, which were blessings from God.  The word fear here means reverence.  The priests feared God, that is they revered him as great and followed his commands out of that sense of awe and respect.  Here they treat him with disdain.  If they feared God they would be following his commands.  Their faith would play out in their walk, in how they did his work.

Greatness comes from knowing God.  Matt 11:11

  John was the greatest of all time because he was blessed with the ability to most specifically point out who the Messiah is. Previous to him others had received anointing, and covenant promises, even prophecies of the coming Messiah, but John physically pointed him out and said there He is. Because of our grace of place in redemptive history we can point Jesus out even clearer than John as he died before Jesus died and rose again fulfilling scripture and fully revealing himself as our Lord and Savior. God’s revelation gives us greatness, greatness is in knowing God.

The Gospel is a holistic ministry.  John 5:1-14

  Jesus formed a relationship and met his physical needs before addressing the man’s sin life. After interacting with him and meeting his physical needs Jesus told him to sin no more. We have to lead with love, having compassion on people’s needs and brokenness.

Jesus knows his sheep by name.  John 10:19-21

  Jesus sets the example here for ministering. In order to shepherd the people we serve in ministry well we need to know them so we can know their needs, also so we can encourage and engage them. If we truly know our people we will know their strengths and talents and how they fit into the body of believers.

We are commanded and empowered.   John 5:8-9

  “Jesus commands come with his enabling, He doesn’t command the impossible with out enabling us to do it.”-Carl Laney “Jesus said to him, “Get up, take up your bed, and walk.” And at once the man was healed, and he took up his bed and walked.” John 5:8-9 Jesus also commanded us to take the Gospel to our city, country and the world making disciples, and he empowers us to do the work of his ministry, just as he empowers us to defeat sin in our lives that he has commanded to stop.

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